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Indian Head Massage

This very relaxing treatment is done with you sitting up in a chair and I work over your clothing, so no disrobing is required.

The treatment is normally 30 minutes, and the massage covers your upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, head and face.

This is an ideal treatment to work out upper body tension and is convenient for you with the shorter treatment time and since you do not have to undress.

Oils are not used on your skin, but you may choose to have oils on your scalp for hair health and vitality if you would like.

Choose from these Indian Head Massage Oils:
  • Coconut Oil: Excellent for moisturising skin and hair. Said to relieve psoriasis and dandruff.
  • Mustard Seed Oil: Stimulates circulation, soothes tense muscles. Warming and stimulating.
  • Sesame Oil: Light and easily absorbed, good for dry skin, calms nerves, reduces muscle aches and pains.

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