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Massage At Work

Massage at work makes sense for both the employee and employer.

The Massage:

My experience as a sports and remedial massage therapist carries over into the office. Extremely effective treatments can be done using the supportive and very comfortable massage chair and working over your clothing. Many conditions can be sucessfully addressed, such as stress, neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow - and much more.

Treatments are tailored to your needs on the day.

Office Visits:

These can be regular or occasional. Regular visits can be weekly, monthly or otherwise to suit. You may begin by having a few trial visits to see how this can help your work environment.

Treatment Times:

Treatment time can vary considerably depending upon your needs, anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Many workplaces find offer 15, 20 and/or 30 minute treatments effective and efficient.

Some employers allow employees to take time during the day for their appointments while others find it more useful for employees to visit during breaks, lunch, or before or after their work begins.


Payment options are varied; sometimes employers pay the full cost, or subsidise the treatments partially, or the employee pays themselves with the employer offerinig space.

There are many options to consider and the best way to begin is by contacting me so we can discuss your needs.